Mare Serenitatis - Sea of Serenity
out of you and shinji who has the biggest dick


This time, Shinji takes his time enjoying Nagisa’s lips.  The heated flavor sticks around longer.  “You really, really want my body back,” he teases.  The Hedgehead frowns as he searches the floor for the book.  “It didn’t have a title:  just seven eyes on the cover.  I think I hear it.  Please, could you look under the bed?”

"Seven eyes, hmm? Not the Necronomicon then." Although perhaps it was something akin to it, if the other boy was hearing it. It takes only a few moments to carefully balance Shinji’s head in one hand as he roots around beneath the bed with the other.

He frowns as finally the lost tome comes into view.

"The seven eyes of God," he says as he pulls it forth.


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Say what now?

SEELE found the secret Dead Sea Scrolls. They did not create them. Lilith and the Black Moon landing upon the world that was meant for the Angels is what set all of this in motion billions of years ago.


For decades all of SEELE’s machinations were only to protect the existence of the lilin. Now as to the path that their methods took, there you have much room for complaint. But in the end, they, their knowledge, and their technology was needed for any hope of your survival.

my cat ran away once. he eventually came out

Came out of what, I wonder? I see no reason why normal cats would be in closets.

*The dragon tilts its central head curiously. What is this tiny mortal, to hold such awesome power in its soul?* "....Who are you?"



"I…." Red eyes narrow ever so slightly in recognition. "Believe I was just talking about you quite recently. How… serendipitous."

He gives a slightly inclination of his silver head.

"I am Nagisa Kaworu, pleased to meet you."

Ghidorah snorts.

"No, I suppose not.  I am often considered a god myself in some cultures.  These I have deigned to allow to survive."

Ghidorah’s left head turns to fix Kaworu with another golden eye.  The other two heads chuckle.

"And I suspect I am not the only royalty present."

"You give me far too much credit. I am merely a Child."

For the moment. Yet that need not be said. Nor how many different meanings can lie behind the word ‘child’, a title in its own right in his original world.

"Are you often in conflict with the cultures of the lilin?" he quietly asks. And then clarifies. "The cultures of the humans."

A young girl appears and throws her tarot cards at you, "I'm Falsie the pseudoscience girl! now gime my fortune."

The cards say…

That sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Mr. Kaworu! Anon is sick. Could I just borrow some prescription painkillers?

Anon usually is not quite well.

But I’m afraid all I have on hand is Eve-A if that will do.

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I’m sorry, who were the architects for Second Impact, Project E, and all our suffering again?

Shinji-kun, what do you think would have happened if SEELE had not intervened? If there was no Project E?

Whatever they, or your father, or anyone else within the world did or did not do, it was fated… the Angels would reawaken in 2015.


Gulls by the shore, stories by the sea.


Gulls by the shore, stories by the sea.

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"Mrrrrf! Arrf, mrrgrr." Hey, down here! The chestnut-colored puppy whined, pawing at the silver-haired boy's pant leg. "Arrarf, mrrf." Me hungry. Have food?



A pale brow lifts slightly at the sudden appearance of the seeming canine. But only slightly. A puppy, talking or otherwise, is far from the strangest thing he has encountered lately. 

Unfortunately, he has more cat treats than dog treats. However…

"Here you go. We seem to have an abundance of bacon treats lately."

"Arrf, rrf!" Thank you, red-eyes! The canine quickly scarfed down the treats, licking every last crumb from the human’s hand- at least, he looked human. Who was the pup to question him? He gave food! The canine wagged his little tail and woofed friendlily.

The lick was taken as an invitation, even more so than the tail wagging and amicable bark. After all, he was more acquainted with the body language of cats.

Smiling softly, he leaned over and gently stroked the dog’s head.

"Now I wonder… where it is that you normally live, little one?"


Again, Shinji is allowed some flickers of joy.  Their wish tree can only distract him for a little while until the stormy thoughts roll back in.  Finally, he is bringing Nagisa happiness.  Even though they’re twelve feet away, he can feel his toes tingle.  The cloud beneath Shinji disappears as Nagisa pulls away.  Air qualifies as an uneven trade for any instance.  It goes double here.  He licks up the last traces of his lover’s taste from his lips.  “You could read a verse from that book that could put me back together or get some glue.”

"A book, huh?" As the other boy licks his lips, he pauses. The temptation is too great… another heartbeat of delay is taken to gently brush his own lips once more across the other’s  before he continues. "What have you been reading? The Necronomicon?”

Cradling the head against his chest once more he goes in search of said book.

"Well, whatever it may be, it must be stronger than glue. Where did you last see it?"

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I honestly don’t think letting them live helped anything either.

Now that would depend upon the “they” that you mean, Shinji-kun.


5*3 by みしね
※Permission to upload this was given by the artist.


5*3 by みしね

※Permission to upload this was given by the artist.