Mare Serenitatis - Sea of Serenity
... would you like some chocolate?


"Wichser!  I don’t want your damn chocolate.  Get out of my face."

"If you’re certain…"

"It’s something to keep in mind, if you should change your mind."


Feathers flutter over his hip.  Shinji contains his shivers.  It would be nice if the covers could climb back up on the bed.  Hair is the only thing he has the strength to handle at the moment.  “You did,” Shinji mumbles.  Just a few seconds ago, he had more than enough wind in his lungs for all kinds of sounds.  He’s lucky now if Nagisa hears his whispers.  “But I know you wouldn’t ever hurt me on purpose, so… “  The thoughts following after tumble into an abyss.  Sleep crawls over him just as he lays eyes on the clock.  Good:  it’s early.  “Maybe when I wake up,” he mutters,” we can go for a walk, or eat your cake.  Or eat out.  I don’t want to get stared at.”  Despite the sun snooping on them through the blinds, the ceiling crawls with shadows.  “We could go to Ni-chōme again, or maybe Switzer… “

"Anything you want. Anywhere you want," he murmurs as he shifts upwards to bring their faces closer. A kiss is brushed against the other boy’s cheek as the lost covers obediently float upwards to tuck themselves in.

He wonders if the other boy heard him at all. Ah well. There is always tomorrow.




La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain

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It upsets me knowing that we’ll never see this finished in our lifetime…

but it makes me happy to think that humans are still constructing grand things that take several generations to finish

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Shinji frowns, feeling a twinge of bitterness at the other boy’s words. How could he be so.. Casual about it? ‘If all goes well’ as if he were talking about hoping for nice weather rather than a city under siege.

But then again, it’s only natural that he’d feel that way, right? To someone who had nothing to do with NERV or the angels, the battle must seem unreal and distant. It shouldn’t be hard at all to come back and pick up life right where they left off. Drive by the school and pick up their instrument. Maybe the kids who moved still thought that way.

It makes him jealous.

He watches Kaworu as he moves about the room, outlined in sliver, starting just a bit when he turns to him. “Um. I play the cello..”

“But do you really think that? About the students coming back I mean..” He’s sounding stupid, he knows he sounds stupid but it’s already out of his mouth now. “It’s dangerous here.. And we’ve got no way to tell when the angel attacks will stop. Even if there’s something waiting for them, who would want to come back to a place like this?” He barely keeps himself from grimacing at his own words. Way to roll out the welcome mat, Shinji.  

The turmoil within the other is sensed. Yet his own gaze upon the other boy remains serene and unwavering. Lightly he steps away from the waiting instruments and glides back into the center of the room.

"It’s possible. As long as there is someplace to return to, it is always possible."

For a moment silence reigns. Red eyes narrow imperceptibly.

"They haven’t told you even that? No, I suppose not." A thing that no mere Child would know and certainly not a normal transfer student. He has spoken far too candidly before. 

And will, inevitably it seems, speak so once again.

"I can’t say for certain." He has been surprised by how far the timelines have diverged before. "But the Angels usually number between twelve and seventeen. At least the ones called Angels."

/throws up his Field| Apostle, Apostle! Do you write sonnets whilst sheathing your pen in his inkwell? Do you spill it everywhere before the final line? Tsk. You toil in a deplorable work environment although the desk that you labor upon is exquisite. Would you mind so terribly if I penned a poem? I shall show to you the consummate methodology.



One wonders at the depths of the death wish that you seem to possess.

Far be it for me to keep you from your poetry.

/puts tape back on

He scratched my furniture.  He yelled at me.  Then, he would not play with me.  I ask you, how else do I punish him?


/more statement than question as he gazes back deadpan

… yelled at you.

Memory Log


The realization of who is featured upon the shirt projected directly to his mind serves to rattle. Zippers catch on his skin. Buttons take this moment to scatter to the four corners of the fitting room. Further discomposing him is Tabris’ entrance. The leggings tower collapses.

Over the body suit Leliel pulls up the boxer shorts. “Did I do it right? This is a disaster. The Lilim order pizza on their network. Have they aborted efforts in providing the same service for clothing?”

"It is possible to buy things such as clothing over the network, yes. The problem with such is that, without trying them on first, they often will not fit. Also the lilim seem to enjoy this process of trying on clothes quite a bit."

A pause. The comparison of Asuka Langley Soryu and Ikari Shinji come to mind. Perhaps he should have assumed that the other angel bore a closer resemblance to the one who’s body he inhabited.

"Well, some of them do."


He had spent the first part of the discussion half turned away, eyes properly directed elsewhere. Modesty would seem an odd quality for an angel to possess, but then he has no real idea of this particular Leliel’s background.

He turns back only upon the other’s request, casting a critical eye to make certain the boxer shorts are not being worn upon the head.

"It looks all right except… that is underwear. It is meant to be worn underneath all other clothing. If you don’t feel comfortably taking off the bodysuit now, I understand. You can try it on back home instead."

A new piece of clothing is held up, zipper at the ready.

"Shall we try the pants next?"


Went out with love-your-sin yesterday and shot these new photos of my favorite figure of Rei!
Rei Ayanami 1/10 Scale
Evangelion 3.33

But I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more. Just to be the man who walked 1000 miles to fall down at your door. Dada ta. dada ta, dada ta. Dada ta. dadelataddelatad da tada.



Oh… there you are Shinji-kun. This certainly makes things easier than having to track down your particular world.

Are you feeling any better now?

"I-I’d rather you just call me Shinji.. If I’m the only Shinji around. I don’t mind Shinny if you’re… referring to me, specifically." Kaworu’s gloved hand came up and brushed back Shinji’s bangs. He froze for a moment, until the other’s hand fell away. Shinji’s mind went back to ‘that’ moment. When he first killed him.

The way his.. head came off.

But it was what he wanted… So why wasn’t it any more easy to deal with? “I don’t know… I don’t like to think about it. I just really hate the person that I am. I wish I was somebody else.”


"Shinji then. And you may call me Kaworu, as you like."

His touch, as light as the brush of butterfly wings, had been taken as well as could be expected under the circumstances. He would press no further… at least in that regard.

Serenely, red eyes gaze back upon the other boy.

"But I like the person that I see standing before me now. However…"

"If change is what you seek, then that is certainly possible. Even if it’s only one step at a time, as long as you are alive, it is possible."

soo kaworu did you get any birthday sex?


Nunnally listened intently as Kaworu spoke, leaning forward and resting her chin in the palms of her hands as though he were telling a story; the poetic flow of his words made the sight she longed to see sound all the more beautiful. In a way, the manner in which he spoke reminded her a bit of her brother, Lelouch. He too often carried an admirable air of confidence and effortless grace, from the tone of his voice down to every little sway and stride. Nunna envied people like that, who could be so elegant, seemingly without even trying.


His second response made her smile all the brighter. “That’s beautiful. Then you and I share the same wish,” she chirped gleefully in reply. Something about the idea of it made her feel very happy, as though more than one person wishing for something meant it was more likely to come true.

However, to his last answer, Nunnally simply tilted her head. What did he mean by “a land where angels lived”? Weren’t angels alive and well right now? Perhaps that was just her belief. Perhaps he didn’t believe that angels existed…but if that were the case, why would he wish for them to “live”? The little princess was almost sure she’d never understand just exactly what his statement was meant to convey. But even so, a wish is a wish, and every wish deserved at least a small chance of survival, right? She reached into her bag and pulled out a few small, square-shaped pieces of colorful paper, placing a pink one in her lap and folding it a few times, briefly closing her eyes in an attempt to recollect the feeling of the process. Once finished, she presented her small craft to the silver-haired boy before her. 


"This is a paper crane," she explained. "Suzaku taught how to make them once. They say if you fold a thousand of them, your wish will come true, so I fold a new one everyday. I’ve made a lot of them already, and I’m still nowhere near my quota, but…" Nunna took one of Kaworu’s hands in her own and gently placed the fragile bird in his palm. "I want you to have this one," she offered, granting her companion a hopeful smile. "Maybe you can start a collection of your own!"

"Perhaps one day if enough people share this wish of yours and mine — and act upon it — then it will come true." 

After all, in the end, nothing would change without the effort placed into making it so. A fact made law even by lilin physics. And so a body at rest must not remain so.

At the gift, a pale brow raised. A silver head dipped in thanks and gently, his touch as delicate as the paper itself, he turned it over within his gloved hands.

"Actually, there was someone that I knew…" It had been another self of his, a mirror reflection that belonged to the true timeline of his lover. Yet perhaps the least said of that, the better. "… who took it into his head to make a thousand cranes in one day."

Eventually his own hands had chipped in and the tide of cranes ended up flooding through the house. Pale lips curve lightly in amusement at the memory.


"I never did find out if his wish came true."


Endless baby bunny petting for your enjoyment, complete with teeth purring!


Endless baby bunny petting for your enjoyment, complete with teeth purring!

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Oh, did you then?

I’d be glad to see anything that you would wish to give me, Leliel.


It is a card. I made it out of materals in your apartment. I forgot how to spell the phrase in Lilim. This is an approximation.

Thank you… it’s lovely, Leliel. Shall we hang it on the fridge then?

Yo Tabris, how do you fly bro? Do you somehow use your A.T Field to negate gravity? Do you lift yourself by putting your A.T Field at the bottom of your feet then push it in the direction you want to go?

Much like the powers manifested by the other Angels, it is an energy manipulation at a subatomic level, that does require control of one’s A.T. Field, yes. For someone like me it is as natural as flexing a muscle.

And so for an explanation of what this means in lilin scientific terms, you would be best off asking someone like Akagi Ritsuko.


Never would Shinji had guessed he would ever feel so comfortable or at peace with world the world that just the idea of leaving the bed exhausts him.  The repetitive motion of  brushing, combing, and parting spun silk, and combing, brushing and parting again tempts him into a state of complete submission.  “I’m always hungry for you,” he whispers, “because you’re so yummy.”  He’s too tired to cringe.  He’ll just accept that that sounded way better in his head.  “You can’t say it was unpleasant, either.”  Shinji falls silent.  “W- Was it?  For you?”

Quietly he chuckles. Right now the pull of a black hole would not exert enough force to pull his head away from his lover’s touch.

"You can’t tell?" he teases. His breath tickles lightly across the curve of Shinji’s hip. "No, it was far from unpleasant for me. Although if the thought worries you, then perhaps you can understand why I so often hold back."

Pale fingers trace after the invisible path taken by his breath.

"But I said I liked to experiment, didn’t I?"