Mare Serenitatis - Sea of Serenity

Stranger in a Strange Land (by Christopher.Michel)


Stranger in a Strange Land (by Christopher.Michel)

kaworu why do you love shinji

Ah, the question that comes around, again and again. A cycle much like death and rebirth it seems.

In the end, the simplest answer is… because he is worthy of love.


I would offer the use of one of the extra neckbraces, but somehow that seems inadequate right now.

"I can fix this.  Yeah.  Um, could you scratch behind my ear in the meantime?"

"One wonders how you managed to break it in the first place…"

He gently picks up the disembodied head and, just as delicately, scratches behind one ear and then the other.

"Like this?"

Are you expecting the Spanish Inquisition?

No one expects the Spanish Inquisition, Anonymous one.

Kaworu, do you hate anyone?



Hate, hmm? Such a strong emotion, one that poisons so easily, to admit to so casually.

Let us say that there are some out there who have reached the end of my patience.

"You have my attention."


I really was born to meet you..


I really was born to meet you..

"Mrrrrf! Arrf, mrrgrr." Hey, down here! The chestnut-colored puppy whined, pawing at the silver-haired boy's pant leg. "Arrarf, mrrf." Me hungry. Have food?

A pale brow lifts slightly at the sudden appearance of the seeming canine. But only slightly. A puppy, talking or otherwise, is far from the strangest thing he has encountered lately. 

Unfortunately, he has more cat treats than dog treats. However…

"Here you go. We seem to have an abundance of bacon treats lately."



"Hmm…? Feeling fiesty.,are we?"


"I hope that is a thick carpet.”

"I know I’m not thinking about the carpet being thick.” ❤

"And I am not thinking about the carpet at all."

so whos on kaworus shitlist hehe

Now, now…

Is there truly much to be gained by pointing fingers?

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The Angel and the Vanguard


『☉』Enthused with the Matrix’s return to its proper functionality, Max could only give a rapid nod as an answer. Though having dabbled little in testing the true extent of its power, the Vanguard knew its basest applications. Performing a scan of the entire planet was a short order. He raised the arm donning the device, and with a quick flick of a finger he summoned a single holographic screen. A tap upon a few symbols along the lower edge of the screen initiated the desired process, causing the flat screen, now feeding detailed updates on the information collected, to shift left to allow a new image to take center between Max himself and Kowaru: a 3D projection of the world they tread upon that very moment.

       The globe rotated leisurely as scanner trails glided across its surface, shaping it to perfectly resemble its topography and the colorations of all that could be seen atop the layer of planetary crust. Once the image was complete, the scan proceeded. The lines pulsated from every pole to another, testing every wavelength of every perceivable spectrum. A moment passed by with complete silence.

       ‘Have you any idea how such damage can be repaired?’

       Kowaru’s interrupting concern shattered the silence in a manner akin to a brick to stained glass for the Vanguard’s mind. Max’s initial lack of verbal retorts was but out of non-necessity, his reply a visual instead. But that question… He could not answer it. For all his dedication to the cause, it reminded Max of just how truly massive the undertaking was.

       I cannot do this alone, he thought. It was an infuriating truth that even with the Matrix restored and his appreciation for the Order’s original directive to maintain Balance within the Cosmos, his efforts would not even equate to a band-aid upon a gushing, infected wound. The Marauders were but a small part of the problems that infested the Multiverse. Stopping them would help prevent some catastrophes, but only so much as there were no doubt countless other threats, some far more abstract and dangerous.

       Max had given a brief look of acknowledgement towards the silver-haired male, returned to the scan data briefly, then back to the other. It was difficult to look his right in the eye at first, but once he found the right words he would remain firm with what he stated.

       “I’ve no idea. But there has to be a way,” he softly assured, “And I intend to find out.”

       Then results: The holographic imaged had signified new developments in the scan with several nodes appearing, some connected to the flat screen to the left with flexible lines. Reading the text that quickly scrawled upon it, Max began to understand the situation. Surely, as sharply intelligent that Kowaru appeared to be, it was likely that he could read it as well despite it all being backwards.

       [ Planetary Scan Complete… Temporal-Spacial Scan results: anomalies detected… 15 artificial energy signatures located approximately 5 miles from current, location…. Signatures approximately 1 mile underground… Dimensions of detected objects resemble aerial vessels capable of space travel… ]

       That was all that needed to be said. Anomalies and spacecraft: what more evidence of the Marauders’ presence was there to be needed?

       “Yep… Looks like you got a pest problem here all right,” Max quipped somewhat complacently.

"Ah…" he said as his gaze flickered over the new series of projections produced by the Max’s gadrget. A brief glance only… he was well used to the familiar bombardment of information presented by the MAGI systems after all.

"The answer is never so easy to find as that. Yet I too will continue searching." The smile that flitted across his features was tinted by equal parts amusement and rue. "… and questioning every dimension slider I come across. One wonders exactly what sort of reputation this inquisition may build."

Yet all merriment drained from expression and tone at the final report given by the Matrix. He turned, with eyes somber pools of crimson, to fully face his companion.

"Is it certain that these others are your Marauders? There are other interdimensional species capable of such travel."

A slight pause. His voice remained serenely neutral at his next suggestion. A test then for his new acquaintance…  immediate action or a more careful withdrawal.

"Well, there is one way to find out. If you care to go visiting."

After all, one mile down is hardly a long step for such as he.

Dear Kaworu, what do you think about Karma? Maybe the reason that Shinji reincarnated as a helpless little animal might be cause he wasn't a kind person?

That is no natural reincarnation that the brown-eyed Shinji-kun underwent, but something more akin to a curse or a spell cast upon him.

And no, I would not say it is karmic justice or anything of the ilk but… something far more personal to that Ikari Shinji-kun that keeps him within that form.

"Nagisa Kaworu. The earthly guardian of Ikari Shinji. I have been sent to find you, yet the reason is unknown.. It would beseech you to show your face, though I know not why."



"Guardian of Ikari Shinji, hmm. I don’t know if I would deem myself as such."

"But as it is, here I am."

"It is my own fault, Nagisa-sama. Don’t apologize… Please." A laugh, weak though it was. "I should not assume these things… Perhaps you are right. It is most certainly better this way."

At the touch, she blinked in surprise. “I… Thank you.” She waited a moment before pulling away; as though she was bewildered by the feeling. “Yes. You are right… And, it was selfish of me to even be worried about such things. My destiny is to protect others. Not myself. However, I thank you for your concern, Nagisa-Sama…”

"It’s human for you to be concerned over such matters. There is nothing wrong with that. Perhaps… next time you may have the full experience."

He makes no further comment about the wisdom of beings — be they angel or guardian — who took upon themselves the habit of falling. Instead, with a smile, he allowed her slip away. His touch being accepted or shied away from, in his time with the lilin he has grown used to both, although the latter is far more familiar.

"But now is as good a time as any to experience what you can. Is there anything in particular you would like to do?" A heartbeat of pause. His smile lengthens ever so slightly. "…And if I may be so bold, please call me Kaworu.”